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We offer a comprehensive learning module for students of Class-X and Class-XII. TBSE Humanities subjects offered by us are Political Science, History, Geography, Education, Economics, Bengali, and English. We aspire to make learning simpler and more interesting through detailed study notes, Question bank, Solutions, Project, Assignment, Suggestions and Mock test for Class-X and Class-XII students. The videos which are used to support the study material are smartly designed and enable students to enjoy what they are studying.

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Learning Modules

Learning Module is a tool that provides course materials in a logical, sequential order and thus guides students through the content and assessments. The use of modules in a course presents a more flexible learning. In order to bolster the flexible learning environment, we have added 12 learning modules in every course. These modules surely help to enhance the knowledge on the subject, and will improve the process of learning. 

Video Classes

Video lectures, considered an effective means for delivering course content and infusing teaching presence in the virtual environment, have become very popular in education. As a complementary tool, videos lectures enhance the creativity and attention of students and leads to direct results in learning. It also creates a bigger memory imprint in a student’s mind, making teaching with video lectures perfect for information retention. Our Video lectures add a unique dimension to the whole learning procedure.

Online Mock Test

E-Learning has become the key to a new world of education. As the benefits of E-Learning are increasing, the trend of using online platform is also increasing. Now, a student feels comfortable to take up mock tests before going for the actual exam. SB Academy sets a bundle of mock test for the students to practice. Students can appear in online mock tests and evaluate themselves based on score. 

Mentoring System

A mentor is someone who serves as a guide for the students. Our Mentor provides professional and personal advice. They help to enhance students’ academic performance. They also give constructive feedback on writing, teaching and other elements of career design and emotional encouragement during challenging times. 

Live Classes

Live Classes offer face-to-face engagement with Teachers and other students that everyone would expect to find in a conventional classroom. SB Academy Live Classes connect students in a virtual classroom where lecture takes place via a live video link. Students speak to their Teacher, ask questions, and receive assistance in real-time. 

Doubt Clearing Session

Doubt-clearing session is the core of every learning process. We have dedicated doubt clearing sessions where student can clear their doubts and understand the concepts. These sessions also build a strong relationship between teachers and students. All classes are taken with the help of well prepared notes and presentations which contain theory, questions and quality based resources to enhance the knowledge on the subject.

We aspire to make learning simpler and more interesting through detailed study notes, Question bank, Solutions, Project, Assignment, Suggestions and Mock test for students. One can studied subjects like Political Science, History, Education, Economics, Bengali, and English, Foundation and Competitive examination courses by using our platform. Be a part of digital learning by joining with us and start new ways of learning.